Tuesday, June 07, 2005

finals week

To my faithful readers. Last week was pretty eventful. Tuesday night i met up with a bunch of high school friends- Go Bethlehem!- at a jazz club in newtown (the cool area where i live). Two of the BC people were visiting from a university in Queensland, called Townsville. For those of you who are unfamiliar, Queensland is the state in the northeast part of Australia, where the great barrier reef is, along with all of the scary scary animals that rank in the top 10 of most poisonous/dangerous/life threatening/outrageous animals in the world.
After catching up we headed to a club/bar with a band downtown, called Scruffy Murphy's. As you can tell by the name, it is a pretty classy joint. After a fun night of drinking a LOT of...diet cokes, we were all feeling pretty good and dancing pretty hard. Surprisingly, everyone of us made it home safe and sound.
The next day, however, proved not to be so safe or so sound. Our good friend, Kasey, exhausted from the night before and probably incredibly dehydrated, had a freak fainting spell and slammed her right eye on the concrete while leaving class early due to light-headedness. She ended up fracturing her skull right around her eye (if you run your finger along your eyebrow you will feel the bones that she rustled up), and a fairly intimidating gash with a great deal of blood. Though Kasey didn't think it necessary (she wasn't able to see the extent of her wounds until hours later), she was rushed to the hospital. Her brother was in town, visiting, and met up with her at the hospital. Now, ER's aren't that much fun anyway, but if you are a stranger to the area, they are even a bit more unsettling. So we ended up keeping each other company in the waiting room/hallways of the hospital/ random places where they would tell us to wait from 12pm to 9:30 that evening. Luckily, only a few stitches were required and no rewiring of the skull prescribed.
Thursday i got a call from my new friend, Nate (one of the BC friends i met up with, but the one i hadn't really met until the other night) requesting a place to crash for the next couple of days since the hostel price shot up for the weekend. Having two fairly comfortable couches at my disposal, i found it difficult to refuse him, and thus found myself with a houseguest for the next couple of days.
Friday i spent the day (as i had spent all of my days for the two weeks leading up to this day) in the dark room putting the finishing touches on my photos for photography class (a class i am absolutely in love with). After completing my project, i met up with Ashley and the Purtzer family at a bar in the Rocks, called the Orient. Her family was participating in the "around the world" promotional beer drinking event where if you drink 10 beers from all over the world, you get a free t-shirt. As you all know, imported beers are quite expensive, and thus you run up a $75 tab with this game. Because i am unable to consume anywhere near that much alcohol and not die, i stuck to my...diet coke. A fun night with Nana Purtzer, mama purtzer, and the rest of the gang, though.
This weekend i laid low. We went to a rugby match on saturday night(which is quite different than a footy match- but we like the footy ones better), but nevertheless it was a wonderful end to my day filled with laundry and photo touch-ups. Sunday was a rough one and i decided to take the day off.
Monday i spent most of the day studying for a psych tutorial quiz, and right now i am putting off writing a really boring paper. Thanks for listening to me ramble. I will post some more pics for an added distraction!


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