Saturday, May 28, 2005

Me, the King, and p.s. I am alive.

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I am sure most of you have given up on my blog. I, in fact, had pretty much given up on my blog, until my inspiration- a very friendly computer geek- scolded me for missing this golden opportunity to tell the world what i have been up to. I decided to plunge back into it. But my dear gentle reader, i do warn thee that my life in Australia, though fun packed and exciting for me, might not be full of adventures such as crazy hikes, creative organic excitement, or insane allergic reactions. I will do my best to keep it entertaining (and PG...maybe PG-13?)

Here you see me posing with the great Elvis Presley. Obviously he is bald...he is pretty old at this point. He came back for this one night to go to Kelly's, our favorite little irish pub.(note: our is meant to include "me and my friend danielle," not "me and the 40-some-odd stranger that agreed to let me borrow his wig and glasses for a half hour. This note is included for all my loving uncles that just love to give me the benefit of the doubt- D.O. in particular). Kelly's generally has some pretty embarrassing karaoke going on, and has two pool tables on the upper level. Did i mention i have become something of a shark? It also tends to bring in a pretty interesting crowd of people from all walks of life. I will include a picture of another regular at some point whose name is Peter, but who generally introduces himself as "fingers." Hold up your right hand, and fold your middle and ring finger down into the palm of your hand, that look at the back of your hand. That is basically what this man has to work with. Factory accident. Anyway, we (me and danielle) agree that it would be more accurate if he dubbed himself stubbs (sorry brendan) or stumps or something, as he is actually LACKING fingers. If he had some extra fingers then perhaps the nickname would make more sense. Sorry, side tracked...interesting people though.

Recently Ashley's family is in town- a delightful bunch- but they are kind of stealing one of my very favorite people. So times have been tough. Also, i have kind of had a falling out with one of my very close friends, and this event has kind of been consuming a good chunk of my thoughts, time, energy, etc... and is thus one of the reasons i had difficult writing interesting things on my blog. You know when you talk about something so much that even you start to get bored with the topic, but you just can't stop?

Related to this falling out, here is a quick aside. I recently found out (2 to 3 weeks ago) in a very painful manner that i in fact need to get my wisdom teeth pulled out...really really soon. Apparently, if you don't know, a lot of the time the eruption of your wisdom teeth through your gums is brought on by stress. I realized that though i hadn't been very emotive throughout this whole desintigrating friendship thing, my body was finding other ways to tell me that things weren't ok. When i found this out, i had a bit of breakdown ( i swear this gets funny and isn't solely depressing). I called Ash (one of the most amazing people that can heal you with a smile and save the world with a laugh) and explained the situation. By the time i was walking out the door the tears were welling up in my eyes and i knew i wouldn't be able to compose myself for the 15 minute walk home. When i got outside, i was pretty much hysterical. I crawled into the threshold to an emergency exit, turned into the door, and started crying to my dear friend on the public. I figure most of you can empathize with my when i say, that's a LITTLE UNcomfortable. Awkward. Embarrassing. get the point. Ok, wait for it...wait for it... With the crying and the tears and the pain, could it get worse? Well, only if you are the amazing Jenny Gerstenzang, the Amelia Bedelia of upstate New York, and you are recently prone to getting bloody noses due to the weather change. Did i say a bloody nose? Oh yes, yes i did. Now, picture it, i am in the fire escape alcove, crying hysterically, and bleeding ALLLLLLLLLLLLL over myself. Now, may ask yourself, What would Jesus do? I don't know, but if you are me, you start laughing hysterically, and talking pretty loudly about how embarassed you are that you have a bloody nose- mainly so when you have to turn around and walk home, people know that YOU KNOW you have blood all over your face- oh, and tears too. Luckily, the friend who is no longer my friend, in all her dramatic glory, had left all the clothes she had borrowed from me in Ashley's room, and i had my black anti-bush shirt to hold up to my face and clean the blood up with. too bad i somehow kept cleaning the wrong side of my face- I guess i should have known good old GW wouldn't get it right. Ok, so maybe this wasn't the quickest of asides, but this explains a bit why i have abandoned the blog. These things need a bit of time in order to be funny... at least to me.

After this incident, i figured i kind of needed to get away. It seemed the perfect time to go to Melbourne, and by god it was. me, Ashley, Danielle (these people are in all of the pictures throughout my blog) and some other ladies went to the city for a long weekend. We went to museums for some really interesting exhibits, walks on the beach, a really awesome footy match, some pubs, some clubs, and ate some subs. We also went to this umbria jazz festival. It was set up kind of like the tulip festival in the sense that it was free. And awesome. (but no flowers) It was kind of the most amazing weekend of my life, and heaps of fun, and an emotional escape that just needed to happen. (Thanks mom and dad- heaps).

School wise it is a little weird. Weird as in different- i am not the biggest fan of the Sydney University way of doing things. The only class that i am thoroughly, thoroughly enjoying (which is totally ok because I am in FREAKING AUSTRALIA!!!) is photography. I kind of feel like a little Karen O'Hern- dabbling in this and that. It's kind of the most fun and relaxing class i have taken- ever. I have to go into the dark room tomorrow and print my self- portraits. Two pictures of me that are supposed to explain or give a glimpse at who i think i am. The interesting thing is that is your know me, you know i haven't the foggiest idea who that is, at least i can't really make up my mind or i am inconsistent or something, or both. I guess this is a good thing. I have apparently been dodging the question for 20 some odd years and it is a good excuse to actually sit down and figure it out. Really sift through the lint in my navel (right, dad?)

Ok, at this point i have probably eaten up a good portion of your morning, that is if you still check to see if i even write on this thing anymore (i wouldn't blame you if you didn't, i stopeed checking if i did, too), or you may have gotten bored after the whole fingers/stubbs fiasco, or at leasted sketched out, and decided to abandon ship. I love you all tons, and i figure i better keep up the blog just so that i can remind you of that everyday.

Oh yeah, the most amazing thing happened the other day- i got to hear my sister's voice for the first time in 10 weeks. it was a beautiful thing. I love you Erin! Nothing but Trupple!


At 2:17 PM, Blogger erin said...

whoa! good to see you are back and better than ever! much love, e.


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